Exchange System Service

Overseas transaction has always been a significant part in the process of importing goods from China to Malaysia. CIEF introduce you to a convenient exchange system that allows you to make payment to your China suppliers and at the same time acquire purchase order and invoices to ease your business operation. Are you excited to know in detail on how to make 1688 payments from Malaysia to China with our system? Scroll through to find out more about this system.

*To ensure a smooth user experience, we recommend you to watch the video tutorial below.

【Exchange System】

What is the Exchange System?


It is a system which allows you to convert MYR to RMB directly according to the latest currency rates and we will transfer the payment in RMB to the supplier for our customers. Now you can make a seamless and smooth transfer when you make payment to China with CIEF’s exchange system. All you need to do is just to key in your data and information in the system, and let us do the rest for you! 

What are the features?


At CIEF, we are committed to providing you with the best system that can ease your transaction process when buying products and goods from China. Our user-friendly exchange system can help you make every payment to your suppliers in China safe, smooth and secure. Wanting to purchase something from 1688 but do not know how to make the payment? Do not worry! Making a 1688 payment from Malaysia has never been easier with CIEF’s exchange payment system.

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How to make 1688 payment from Malaysia to China.
1️⃣ Enter the transaction amount💰​
1688 payment verification to suppliers in China on CIEF Exchange System.
2️⃣Pay in MYR & upload your payment slip📃​
3️⃣ Fill in your purchase order 💻​
A completed payment transfer to 1688 China suppliers from Malaysia.
4️⃣Download the purchase order & invoice auto-generated by the system 💁‍♀️​


After you’ve submitted your identification verification, you may proceed to enter the transaction amount and click “Transfer Now”.

Fill up Account Number at Recipient Details. If there is no existing account, click “Create New” and make sure the following details are input in Chinese characters:

  • Reference: Any input for your own references
  • Account Holder Name: Name of your China supplier
  • Account Number: Account Number of your China supplier
  • Bank Name: Bank Name of your China supplier
  • Bank Branch: Location of the China Bank

*We strongly recommend you to copy and paste these details from your purchasing platform to avoid any errors. 

If the system did not redirect you to the page, you may click the Blue button under your order. Enter the page, fill in your details and proceed with payment.

There is no specific sequences. You may fill up your details before creating a booking, or vice versa. Billing Address and Purchase Order are editable. Please make sure the amount of your Purchase Order matches your total amount of transaction. 

Click on “Make Payment”, confirm your transaction amount and press “Lock Booking”. Transfer the amount to CIEF bank account within the time given and upload your bank slip by clicking the Green upload button

Please wait patiently for us to proceed your payment in one working day. Your order will be showing “Transferred” after we have completed your transaction in RMB and approved your Purchase Order.

It means your RMB transaction is completed. You may now download your invoice, purchase order and delivery order from your order under “Complete Order”.

*If you are paying to 1688 suppliers, it means the payment is successful and your supplier will start to arrange goods delivery.